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FEATURED VIP - Raynard Pearson from WORK! Talent Los Angeles

NameWe would like to welcome to our site VIP Raynard from Work! Talent. Raynard will also be attending our live event in August to scout for new talent. 

Raynard began working as an agent in 1988, with the highly respected TGI/Bloom (now B.B.R.). He worked in Theatrical, Commercials, Voice Over and Print modeling before moving to P.T.I. Talent Agency.
After P.T.I he accepted a position at CESD (Cunningham, Escott, Slevin, Doherty) one of the top 5 Commercial and Voice Over Agencies in Los Angeles. His clients have worked in commercial campaigns as well as print ads, motion pictures and television programs with major networks as Disney, Nickelodeon, ABC, NBC, CBS, TNT and CW.
With his 10 years experience with CESD, he branched out to Clear Talent Group as the Commercial and Print agent. CTG is well known as one of the top Dance & Choreography Agencies in Los Angeles. With clients who have worked in TV shows as “Dancing With The Stars” and “So You Think You Can Dance” and movies from “Step Up”, “Footloose” and “Rock of Ages”.
Raynard is now ready to begin his own venture with his own company WORK! Talent. We are honored to have him as a VIP on our site and to have him attend our live event.


"Since I am always looking for Asian for TV and film it was very useful for me to find lots of great talent here. Most of the people I've seen are good because they are new faces and I am always looking for new faces."

- Yumi Takada Casting (Booked WWSS alumni Ellise on the Apple iphone camera commercial)




"I can't wait to see some of the actors that I've met in the past and hired and I'm looking forward to meeting new and wonderful talent that I will have the opportunity in the future to hopefully hire again".
- Casting Director for Lifetime Movie Network


"Love the level of talent here. I love that the actors are thoroughly prepared and you get to see more than one dimension. Usually we see actors most of the time, but to be able to see people who can's really multi-faceted. you get to see a lot of people and their skills."

- Commercial Talent (Top agent who has signed countless WWSS alumni and booked them for Film, Television, Commercials and Print! Commercial Talent represents many well known faces and up and coming stars!)


"Some of the talent I've scouted here have booked Target and lots of jobs and auditions, really good stuff. I'm always looking for really good fresh looks, especially ethnic talent who speak other languages."
- Raynard Pearson Owner, WORK Talent (Formerly of CESD LA/NY and ClearTalent Group, LA)